Monarch Cremation – Service with Dignity, Respect and Care

I have their cards on my desk. With Steve Dawson, I don’t hesitate to recommend Monarch.

“I have important responsibilities with my clients, at times I’m the sole person making life and death decisions”, states Estate Attorney John Zavislak. He adds, “That can be intimidating when interacting with family members and others. Steve took that responsibility off my shoulders”.

Being a Power of Attorney is often the responsibility of a family member, but not always. The decisions are difficult when you are honoring the wishes of a loved one, and doing your best to maintain sensitivity with loved ones around a person whose health is failing or even dire. Consulting an expert professional like Stephen Dawson of Monarch Cremation is an important resource during these times. Dignity, respect and care and custody of a loved one is always important.

For questions regarding Cremation, contact Stephen Dawson at Monarch Cremation at 847.671.2041 or visit


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